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Barracuda II is launched

Barracuda II has now been launched by Safehaven Marine. This is the longer 13m version of our high speed low RCS interceptor, and is the first production ready version that will be marketed for sale early 2016. Barracuda II is fully stealth enabled, fitted with ballistic protection level BR6 to the crew compartment and powered by a pair of Caterpillar C9 575hp engines driving conventional propellers for speeds of 34kts. A choice of customer specified weapons systems is offered, either a RC gyro-stabilised machine gun or a motorised turret manned system in the forward cabin, with the latter, Barracuda II is capable of carrying up to 16 crew and combatants. The larger aft deck allows launch and recovery of UAV’s and allows additional pedestal mounted weapons to be deployed on the aft deck. Dive operations are enabled via a transom dive platform.

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