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Barracuda 19m

High speed, low RCS all weather Offshore Patrol & Littoral / Riverine troop transport craft.

Principle dimensions / characteristics


L.O.A.                                                   19m


Length moulded                                18m


Beam overall                                      5m


Beam moulded                                  4.5m


Draft                                                    .85m


Hull deadrise (Amidships)               21 degrees


Displacement lightship                    21,000kg


Fully loaded                                      26,000kg


Fuel capacity                                    2,000L  / *3,000L


Range                                                250nm / *375nm


Crew capacity                                   20


Water capacity                                 2,000L


Engines                                             2x Caterpillar C18 1000hp


Waterjets                                           Marine jet power 452


Generator                                          10kw


Air-conditioning                                54,000btu


Main weapon                                    12.7mm RC stabilised


Secondary weapons                         Pedestal 7.62mm MG


Speed Maximum                               40kts


Cruise speed (MCR)                          30kts

Design overview


This design is for a high speed low RCS Patrol, assault and troop transport craft capable of transporting a total of 20 combatants. The main cabin contains helm, navigator, radio communications and mission comand positions and 6 crew seating positions; all positioned on shock mitigation seats. Extended duration patrol operations can be accommodated by crew facilities, (berth, galley & heads etc) in the large forward cabin, which also contains suspension seating for up to 10 additional combatants. The design is capable of operating within a wide range of mission parameters, from offshore operations during patrol or S.A.R. in extreme conditions of wind and wave, survivable due to high levels of seakeeping and self-righting capabilities, through to Littoral / riverine operations, facilitated by a low draft and waterjet propulsion, allowing shallow water operation.

Two types of main weapon can be incorporated, either a remote controlled gyroscopically stabilised 12.7mm machine gun / 40mm grenade launcher (shown)or a motorised turret 7.62 maned machine gun operated through a watertight hatch incorporated in the forward cabin roof.  Removable gun mount pedestals are positioned on the aft deck and allow the mounting of additional fire power including 12.7mm, 7.62mm machine guns or Min Gun.  Ballistic protection can be incorporated to the crew compartment utilising lightweight Kevlar panels and ballistic glass to provide a maximum protection of level BR6. Powered by twin Caterpillar C18 1000hp engines and MJP waterjets the craft has a 40kts maximum speed and a 30kts operational speed at the engines MCR.

Troop deployment in Littoral combat is facilitated by a bow door allowing combatants to disembark internally via an integrated telescopic ladder deployed from the bow when the craft is beached, during which overhead fire cover / suppression can be provided by the main weapon. A 4m RIB can optionally be stored onboard in a special compartment incorporated in to the aft deck and launched / recovered by a stern ramp. A Low level waterline casualty recovery  and access / boarding area is incorporated into the swept  sheerline and side deck area.



  • Littoral / riverine operation capable due to low draft & waterjet propulsion.


  • Offshore & S.A.R. capable due to high survivability- self-righting, 5 separate watertight compartments, exceptional seakeeping abilities


  • ‘Stealth’ enabled, very low RCS from bow on allowing covert surveillance / interception operations.


  • High speed capabilities- 40kts.


  • Troop transport capable- 20 combatants, troop deployment from internal bow ramp, under cover suppression fire from main weapon.


  • Ballistic protection to main crew compartment to BR6


  • Concealed lethal & non lethal weapons:  main weapon – 12.7mm gyroscopically stabilized remote control machine gun.


  • Optional  4m RIB compartment and stern recovery ramp


  • FRP composite construction carbon fibre reinforcement

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