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Testimonials   A selection of quotes from testimonials recieved over the years

“The Interceptor 48 ‘Practicos Coruns Ocho’ is proving to be perfect for the difficult conditions at Coruna with wave heights of 4 and 5 metres. The boats behaviour is exceeding our expectations. The contract with the shipyard and its leader Frank Kowalski can only be described as fantastic. The manufacture and delivery of our boat was carried out in the toughest times of the pandemic, the construction, presentation and sea trials were carried out remotely with great involvement by the shipyard staff and can only be described as unbeatable. In summary the Interceptor 48 boat is absolutely recommended. Five stars.”

Walter Del Rio

Chief Pilot, Port of La Coruna, Spain.

“Now after we have passed “the one-year warranty” we have nothing to claim. “Maskulin” is working outstanding and our customers as pilots and crew give us always good feedback.

A great thanks to Frank and his staff for their professional and fantastic knowledge. And the hospitality they showed throughout the building process which ensured that the key objectives of the project has been met, incl. a number of changes and additions from us.”

Tommy Fonnes, Norway

“The Dalmore is the ultimate high quality pilot boat. She is an extremely stable platform in all weather conditions. Following a year in service I am pleased to report that all of our crew and pilots are delighted with her. She gives them supreme confidence in her handling and sea going abilities.”

Graham Grant.


Port of Cromarty Firth, Scotland

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