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Safehaven Marine launch ‘Port Láirge’ a new 15m Interceptor 48 pilot for the Port of Waterford

Safehaven Marine have launched ‘Port Láirge’, a new pilot boat for the Port of Waterford, situated on the South Coast of Ireland. Safehaven Marines Managing Director Frank Kowalski commenting “Ireland being a relatively small country means we don’t have many opportunities to build new pilot boats for here, so It was wonderful to have built another pilot boat for Ireland, especially as Dunmore East where she will mostly operate out of is only 60 miles along the coast from us in Youghal, Co Cork. Waterford’s new craft is a 15m Interceptor 48 pilot, she is the 48th pilot boat Safehaven have supplied to ports globally, and the 23rd pilot 48 demonstrating how well regarded the design has become in the specialised pilot boat market. The design offering a fine balance of speed, economy and safe seakeeping abilities. To this end she has true ‘all weather capabilities’ as she is fully self-righting and capable of recovering if capsized by a large breaking sea. Powered by a pair of Scania DI 13 500hp engines through Twin Disc ‘Quickshift’ gearboxes, Port Láirge has an operational speed of over 25kts and is capable of carrying of 5 pilots and 2 crew in comfort, all on air suspension shock mitigation seating in her very well-appointed cabin.

Below, video of Port Lairge during rough weather sea trials in 40-55kt winds

Featuring Safehaven’s new bonded, (fitted without penetrations) Polyurethane fendering system to protect the hull coming alongside a ship during pilot transfers, and incorporating a specially designed larger ‘sacrificial’ (easily replaced) fender at the vessels shoulders ahead of the boarding position, which allows safe transfer of the pilot by creating a gap for the pilot ladder to lay without becoming trapped between the ship and the pilot boats deck. Port Láirge’ is fitted with lifting eyes in the deck to enabling quick and easy lift out. A powered version of Safehaven’s proven MOB recovery platform is augmented by an external manoeuvring position at the aft of the superstructure, allowing safe control of the vessel during an emergency recovery of a pilot from the water. A central helm position allows excellent control of the vessel, as well as excellent visibility during both port and starboard pilot transfer manoeuvres. She is fitted with a comprehensive suite of navigation equipment in a console that wraps around the helmsman allowing all controls and display screens to be easily seen and reached. The pilot 48 design features a large and spacious forward cabin with live aboard facilities for two crew incorporating a galley, seating area and table for up to 6 persons, a separate heads and a large dedicated electrical compartment containing all the crafts electrical systems. Port Láirge is very striking vessel in her red and dark blue livery, perfectly complimenting the Interceptor 48’s graceful lines.

Above and below, Port Láirge’s well-appointed main cabin, central helm position, 6 air suspension pilot seats, one with a table and control console incorporating a navigation display and VHF.

The Port of Waterford’s new pilot boat is named ‘Port Láirge’, this being the Irish for Waterford, translated from the Old Norse Veðrafjǫrðr, meaning “ram fjord”, and a name long associated with a famous steam-powered dredger that served the city for more than 70 years until the 1980s.


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