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Safehaven Marine deliver new Interceptor 48 Pilot to P&O Maritime for their operations in Maputo, Mozambique.

Safehaven Marine has recently introduced the 'Baia,' a cutting-edge pilot vessel commissioned by P&O Maritime for their operations in Maputo, Mozambique. This marks the fourth collaboration between Safehaven Marine and P&O Maritime, showcasing the continued success of Safehaven's Pilot 48 model, which has gained widespread popularity in 12 countries worldwide, ‘Baia’ being the 59th pilot vessel Safehaven has built.


The 'Baia' is powered by a pair of robust MAN D2676 500hp engines, complemented by ZF gearboxes and conventional shaft drive, enabling an impressive operational speed of 25 knots. The vessel boasts a functional, perfectly ‘fit for purpose’ ergonomically designed interior, featuring comfortable KAB suspension seating for a crew/pilot capacity of 7. The main cabin, equipped with twin 27,000btu Dometic air-conditioning units for hot climate operations, provides a central helm position, ensuring optimal visibility and control during alongside ship pilot transfers complete with a comprehensive array of navigation equipment.

To enhance navigation and pre-pilotage activities, the vessel is equipped with a dedicated console for one of the pilot seats, featuring its own ECDS navigation display and VHF capabilities. Additional seating for 5 is available in the forward cabin, which also houses essential facilities such as a walk-in electrical compartment, bathroom, and galley. Safety remains a top priority for Safehaven Marine, evident in the incorporation of their proven MOB recovery system on the transom, facilitating efficient casualty recovery in MOB situations. The vessel is also equipped with a second aft external helm console to assist in stern-oriented operations. Designed to withstand challenging conditions, the 'Baia' is heavily fendered, featuring Safehaven's proven sacrificial shoulder fender system. This not only protects the main boarding area but also cushions against potential impacts in adverse weather. The larger fender creates a convenient gap for the ship's boarding ladder when alongside, while the bow area is also robustly fendered for bow boarding and occasional small ship pushing operations.


In terms of technology, the vessel is comprehensively equipped with a gyroscopically stabilized FLIR Thermal camera and a four-zone CCTV camera system, enhancing situational awareness for the crew. Convenient recessed deck lifting eyes facilitate easy maintenance by enabling the vessel to be lifted from the water when necessary.

The launch of the 'Baia' underscores Safehaven Marine's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art pilot vessels that not only prioritize performance but also prioritize the safety and comfort of the crew and pilots involved in critical maritime operations.


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