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The Crew

'Thunder Child' will be manned by an experienced crew during the record attempt.

Frank Kowalski

Managing Director of Safehaven Marine and responsible for the design and naval architecture of all Safehaven’s vessels including XSV 17. Ex commercial skipper. Chief test driver, with over 1,000hrs logged testing Safehaven’s craft in gale and storm force conditions.

Ciaran Monks

Comercial Pilot boat coxswain with 15 years experience, ex navy, commercial scuba diver, rough weather test pilot for Safehaven’s craft, responsible for night time navigation during the record attempt.

Ian Brownlee

13 years working at Safehaven, responsible for electrical and engineering systems, test pilot for Safehaven for over 8 years and hundreds of hours logged during rough weather testing, Ian will be responsible for the mechanical systems of the boat during the voyage.

Mary Power

Proved her toughness and sea legs during all of 2015’s winter storm testing trials aboard Barracuda, Mary is in charge of logistics for the attempt and will be video documenting the voyage.

Carl Randalls

Comercial pilot boat coxswain, ex commercial fisherman having spent his whole life at sea including crab fishing in the Bearing sea.

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