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Coast guard

Naval & Military

Global changes in the current political and economic landscape for littoral and coastal defence.


 As the World evolves the traditional threats to a Countries ocean borders have changed significantly. The primary threat of Invasion remains in many areas but alongside it now are the supplementary threats  of Terrorism ,Piracy ,EEZ incursion, Hazardous Waste Pollution and Narcotic based criminality.

  As the world economy continues to struggle with slow economic growth there  still exists the need for strong coastal defences, and the ability to enforce the law in both coastal and open ocean waters. National Defence budgets show no signs of increasing at the same rate as the threats –exponentially. The question is “How can existing or even reducing budgets be used in a smarter way to combat the growing threats ?”

A strong case can be put forward for the increasing augmentation of the traditional large naval vessel with multiple, highly seaworthy smaller coastal patrol vessels able to be deployed quickly along the coast either overland in the case of smaller variants, or by sea in order to respond to any perceived threat.

 The simple economic costs of deploying a large naval vessel; its fuel costs, manning costs and logistical support requirements are extremely expensive.  In the very great majority of cases, where a show of force is not a primary consideration, the same mission could efficiently be undertaken by a small, fast, highly seaworthy and survivable craft, able to self defend  or present a level of force, at a fraction of the cost of deploying a large Naval vessel.

The world’s oceans, rivers, lakes and coastal regions continue to increase in military significance in the  current geopolitical landscape.  The operators of the world’s major bluewater navies are under significant financial pressure. They also have more missions .As well as  the Naval missions already mentioned, relief of the effects of Natural Disaster and Humanitarian Missions are becoming more common.

Budgets will not increase in line with required operations so existing assets must be deployed more efficiently. The proven Military Concept of the Force Multiplier is what Safehaven Marine will add to this effort.

In an effort to level the technological playing field to all who are threatened by worldwide terrorist and criminal organizations, Safehaven Marine is positioned to offer Technology Transfer to in-country manufacturers for self-sustaining littoral protection.

 In this environment, we believe that Safehaven Marine with its extensive experience and long history in supplying patrol boats designed to operate in the harshest environments, is well suited to provide coastal defense solutions based around its Barracuda range of naval & law enforcement patrol craft .



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