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PIRANHA  11m Combat / Troop deployment Craft

General description


This design is for a High speed Littoral / Riverine troop deployment / Combat craft (inshore waters rivers and lakes) and coastal areas close to land. The craft is an open, well decked design with a semi- enclosed console for the helmsman and navigator / radio communications. The hull design is of ‘shallow V’ type offering good stability, load carrying capability and high speeds in up to sea state 2 and survivable in sea state 4 waters. The crafts length overall is 11m, the beam overall is 2.8m, its maximum draft in a fully loaded condition is under .7m. Designed lightship is 8,000kg and fully loaded with 17 combatants, ballistic protection, fuel, weapons & ammunition displacement is 12,000kg.




FRP composite utilising cored panels for deck and hull sides. Ice class certification is achieved by the incorporation of a 600gm2 layer of Kevlar behind the outer gell coat. An FRP fuel tank of 1,000 litre capacity and incorporating a double bottom is built in under the deck allows a 250km+ range at cruise speed. A large PVC lightweight foam cored fender is fitted on the bow to allow forward boarding. Propulsion is from twin diesel engines, proposed manufacturer is Cummins QSB6.7 542hp at 3300rpm, its fuel system is Bosh with especially hardened components to operate with F75 NATO fuel. Rating is GS (government service) allowing maximum speed for 1hr in 8 and cruise speed at reduced rpm, maximum hours are 500 per year. Marine Jet Power waterjets are used for shallow water operations. AC is provided by inverters.


Ballistic protection is incorporated to BR6, providing protection against a 7.62mm projectile:

ASL 18mm Kevlar panels for the hull sides and transom above loaded waterline. The Console incorporates ballistic protections sides, f/wd and aft projections. Special recesses are incorporated into the sides to allow the panels to be bolted flush externally and allow the panels to be easily replaced if damaged from projectile impact. Additional ballistic panels are incorporated and bolted into stainless steel frames installed on the top of the gunwale of the well deck approx 700mm high and 1.25m from the standing deck designed to protect the troops when seated or crouched down when under hostile fire. The panels are painted. Overall the specified ballistic areas provide 99% coverage taking into account where panels butt and bolt holes.


Optionally a stainless steel frame over the aft area of the deck behind the console allows a canvass tarpaulin cover to be erected overhead providing weather protection for the crew.

The craft is ‘well decked’ in design whereby a well deck approximately 200mm above the loaded waterline houses the crew / troop area and console, with raised deck areas at the bow and aft deck. Crew (6) & troop (11) capacities allow for a total of 17 combatants.  Two operatives are accommodated inside the helm console seated or standing (fold down seat basses allow standing or sitting) four crew can be seated outside on the outside fixed seat benches. The console houses radar, GPS, thermal camera display and radio communication equipment operated by the helmsman and navigator. The console inside is fitted out in a durable functional manor.


PIRANHA  11m Combat / Troop deployment Craft

Main technical features

  • Ballistic protection against 7.62mm projectile

  • High speed capabilities, 40kts+fully loaded

  • Shallow draft (.7m) with waterjet propulsion

  • 17 personnel / combatant capacity

  • Semi- Enclosed console for helmsman & navigator

  • Narrow beam allows the craft to be transported by road & Hercules transport plane.

  • Lifting points allow deployment by Chinook helicopter

FRP modules can optionally be bolted to the deck to allow seating of combatants in the middle of the craft  behind the console. These modules can be used to store equipment. Additional equipment storage lockers are provided outboard to port and st/bd and limit passenger side crowding heel for stability. The main well deck is drained via two GRP tubes that run through the engine box outboard to the transom and are fitted with anti back flooding flaps at their outlets and allow the well deck to drain. The aft section of the craft incorporates the engine box, which is by necessity raised, and here are mounted two universal gun mounts and standing area for two weapon operatives. The ballistic protection has been designed to provide protection for gun operatives who are protected to chest level when standing operating the guns. A third universal gun mount is provided at the bow within the forward well deck area. Diver recovery is facilitated by a transom platform, where a hinged dive ladder is fitted. Troop disembarkation from the bow when beached is facilitated by a hinged bow door incorporating a deployable ramp.



1x GAU-17/A gun system consists of a six barrel rotary gun control assembly with electrical cables, gun drive motor unit, a delinking feeder, flexible ammunition feed chutes and ammunition storage system.


Two (2) Mk 93 50 caliber mounts with deck mounting pedestal. The MK93 Mod4 Gun Mount is for use with both the .50 cal or MK19 machine guns and (with adapters) the M60 and/or the M240 machine guns.



  • Riverine Assault Craft

  • Reconnaissance

  • Enforcement

  • Asset protection

  • Zone protection

  • Perimeter protection

  • Surveys

  • Water sampling

  • Emergency response

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