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Our T-2000 Voyager demonstrator was initially launched early in April for benchmark sea trials to check her performance before installing her hydrofoil. Her performance even before we install her hydrofoil was breathtakingly hitting 50kts during W.O.T. runs. We also had the opportunity to fully test her 'all weather capability' credentials during Storm Kathleen, which hit Ireland with Storm force 10 winds and big waves, during which she performed fabulously showing excellent sea keeping abilities.

CLASS LEADING FUEL ECONOMY. During sea trials Voyager was using only 260 litres per hr at 30kts with around 2500 litres of fuel aboard, s a respectable and comfortable fast cruise speed. Once we install her hydrofoil fuel burn will be significantly less. For a 70ft 32,000kg boat this is extremely economical. Her absolute fuel capacity (for crossing oceans) is 11,000 litres, factoring a higher fuel burn when fully fuelled initially, range will theoretically be around 1,000nm at 30kts. For normal cruising 5,000 litres will give a range at 30kts of around 550nm in fair conditions, enough for most cruising.

Voyager has been returned ashore at our shipyard for final completion to be re launched in July, and undertake some cool voyages as part of her final sea trials.


It didn’t take long after our T-2000 demonstrator Voyager was launched, and able to demonstrate her impressive speed and seakeeping abilities to receive our first order. This 2nd Voyager will be even more extreme in her capabilities, with more powerful MAN V12 engines delivering 4,000hp through surface drives, she should have a maximum speed getting near to 60kts, which is pretty impressive for a 70ft bespoke luxury motor yacht, and is going to be one very special vessel indeed for her owner.

For full information on Voyager visit her dedicated page T-2000 VOYAGER

Video of Voyager's W.O.T max speed runs

Voyagers rough weather sea trials during Storm Kathleen

Photo gallery of Voyager


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