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Safehaven Marine launch the first Interceptor 48 ‘Svitzer Oued Rmel’ for operations at the new TM2 P

Safehaven Marine have launched an Interceptor 48 ‘Svitzer Oued Rmel’ for operations at the new TM2 Port in Tangier, Morocco today. She is the first of a two vessel contract for the Global port and marine service company Svitzer. ‘Svitzer Oued Rmel’ is the 34th pilot vessel and the 11th of their Interceptor 48 pilot vessels to enter service in Ports worldwide, a fine testimony to the reputation Safehaven have established for themselves in this specialised market.

‘Svitzer Oued Rmel’ is powered by a pair of Volvo's D13 550hp engines and ZF gearboxes providing the vessel with an operational speed of 25kts. The vessel is 15m LOA, with a 4.3m beam and 17,200kg lightship Displacement. She has a seating capacity for 6 pilots and two crew. CAB 500series suspension seats are fitted in the main cabin, with further seating for up to 2 passengers in the forward cabin, which is very comfortably fitted out with a galley, a separate heads compartment, and plenty of storage space. The pilots are well catered for with the vessel featuring a 27,000btu Dometic high capacity air conditioning unit fitted in the main cabin providing a comfortable environment, where pilots enjoy very low noise levels of just 72db.

The pilot vessel is very heavily fendered with 150x150mm D section rubber main gunwale fendering augmented with Safehaven's unique sacrificial shoulder fender system, ensuring pilot boarding's in rough conditions are soft, with impacts well cushioned and the main fender and hull structure fully protected. Multiple diagonals and a lower run further protect the vessel.

A full electronic package supplied by Garmin based around the 8000 series displays are positioned flush in a st/bd positioned GRP helm console giving the helmsman excellent command of the vessel, with all displays clearly visible. The vessel is fitted with Safehaven's tried and tested transom operated MOB recovery platform which allows an injured pilot to be quickly and safely recovered from the sea unconscious. Safety is further enhanced with Pilot boarding ladders fitted at the bow facilitating safe pilot transfers from her wide side decks and spacious foredeck. Lifting eyes are incorporated allowing the vessel to be quickly and easily lifted from the water for maintenance.

Safehaven have by now established a reputation for building pilot boats with exceptional seakeeping abilities an able to deal with the harshest sea conditions. To this end Svitzer Oued Rmel’ is Self-Righting with a positive stability curve to 180 degrees and as such is capable of recovering if capsized by a large breaking wave.

Safehaven are currently building an Interceptor 48 pilot vessel for the Malta pilots, their third Safehaven pilot vessel , with the second Pilot 48 due for supply in October to Svitzer, and continue to prove themselves one of Europe's most successful boat builders.

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