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Interceptor 48 Self Righting



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Pilot boat F11 4
Pilot boat through wave 6
Pilot boat through wave 5
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Pilot- S.A.R.  boat in storm 1
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The Interceptor 48 posses exceptional levels of sea keeping abilities, and is capable of operating in all weather conditions, seen here undergoing sea trials at the entrance to Cork Harbour in Force 11 and near 10m breaking seas .

This Interceptor 48 SAR craft is fitted with Volvo D13 500hp (rating 1, heavy duty continuous) engines which provide the vessel with an operational speed of 25kts light and 24kts fully loaded or optionally rated at 550hp (rating 1) a 26 / 27kts maximum speed. The vessel has been fitted out to a very high standard and provides seating for 2 crew and 4-5 pilots on CAB 500 series suspension seats with full harnesses in the main cabin, her helm position is driver focused, supremely comfortable and ergonomically designed to provide the utmost control, visibility and functionality for the helmsman. Being centrally positioned it allows equal control coming alongside to both port and st/bd.  Her design also features a large forward cabin and accommodation area featuring a full galley, dinette seating for up to 6 persons, A large berth, separate heads compartment and a dedicated electrical compartment is positioned here as is access to her engine compartment via a watertight bulkhead door. Internal furnishings provide a warm comfortable environment, both cabins are fully lined with white vinyl headlining and dark grey sidelining, a teak and holy sole throughout gives a luxurious finish as well as being very durable. Walnut patterned Formica faced paneling and teak trimming enhances her internal environment further.



Deck safety is provided by a full length, black twine wrapped for extra grip, inboard safety rail  augmented with a Hadrian safety rail. Bow railing and pilot boarding grab rails at the boarding area as well as an aft cockpit enclosure railing, fitted with closable gates, provides for a high level of crew safety.

MOB recovery is via a new 2014 version of our tried and tested transom mounted recovery platform, featuring a new low level design to improve rear ward visibility and incorporating a standard stern gear protector for casualty safety during recovery operations.

Fendering comprises a 150x150mm 30mm wall thickness main fender. a large lower fender and multiple diagonal fender, together with our own unique sacrificial shoulder fender, means she is fully protected when undertaking boarding's offshore in bad weather. A 3.0kw 240V generator supplies AC throughout the vessel and she has the provision for being fitted with air conditioning for operations in hot climates. The vessel is equipped with a very comprehensive navigation and radio communications package, based on Garmin's commercial range of 19" displays, featuring HD radar, GPS plotter, sonar, Sailor DCS VHF radios.  Four CCTV cameras are fitted covering engine room, aft view, forward view and cabin.

The vessel is 'self righting' being capable of recovering from a 180 degree roll over due to the buoyancy of her cabin, multiple special features are incorporated to maintain watertight integrity and crew safety in the event of capsize in heavy seas. In possibly an industry first, by capsizing their latest Interceptor 48 Pilot / S.A.R. vessel in a live condition, with two crew inside during the roll over. In the ultimate expression of confidence in the vessels design and integrity, Safehaven's  managing director and designer, Frank Kowalski, volunteered to be inside the vessel during the roll over. Strapped in with a full harness at her helm position he commented "it was a bit stressful when she was over at 90 degrees about to roll over, and the motion past 180 during recovery was pretty violent, but it went off without a problem". Safehaven gained valuable data from the test, providing a  greater understanding of the forces involved, thereby allowing them to incorporate design features that will maximize both their vessels seakeeping, and survivability, when operating in extreme conditions of wind and wave.


She is fitted with 20mm double glazed (20 / 6mm) glass on the front windows to withstand the force of green water of the deck from breaking seas and 15mm glass on all other windows.


Her interior fit out is to a very high standard providing pilot and crew with a safe, comfortable environment. Seating for 4-5 pilots and 2 crew in the main cabin on suspension seating and up to 8 passengers in her spacious forward cabin. Air conditioning can optionally be fitted in her main cabin for hot climate operations.


This Interceptor 48 SAR craft is fitted with Volvo D13 500hp (rating 1, heavy duty continuous) engines which provide the vessel with an operational speed of 25kts light and 24kts fully loaded or optionally rated at 550hp (rating 1) a 26 / 27kts maximum speed.

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