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Wildcat 53 Single level Hydrographic vessel


MCA Category 0 Offshore Hydrographic survey, crew transfer and dive support catamaran, offering excellent sea keeping, stability, impressive accommodation and deck space

The Wildcat 53 is high bow buoyancy bow design, symmetrical hull, twin chine catamaran with full length deep keels allowing beaching.  GRP composite construction, principle dimensions are LOA 16m,  6.1m / 20ft  beam and a 1.5m draft, the design offers excellent sea keeping abilities, being able to push through steep head seas without slamming occurring on the bridge deck by virtue of the fuller bow sections providing adequate buoyancy to lift over waves, this combined with the catamaran designs high levels of transverse stability results in a very stable, seaworthy craft.

The vessel is fitted with twin Scania DI16 V8 750hp engines and Twin Disc MG5135SC Quick shift gearboxes allowing precise control of the vessel for close quarters and slow speed manoeuvring. She is fitted with conventional sterngear, 90mm shafts turning 30" propellers provide the vessel with a 24kts maximum speed.


A single level cabin in 'island' configuration allows a wide, safe passage to the bow where steps and safety railings allow access to her f/wd boarding area also incorporating a f/wd cargo area. Safety railings with boarding doors amidships and at the transom encompass her spacious (28m2 aft) cockpit.  A central helm position, provided with CAB 300 series seats for helmsman and navigator, displaying her comprehensive navigation and radio equipment integrated into a large easily viewed console.

The vessel has being designed for multiple operational roles of 'Windfarm support and crew transfer, To operate as a windfarm support vessel it has a bow fendering fender design of multiple vertically aligned 150 x 150mm / 38mm wall 'D' section rubber to cushion impacts and stresses in the bow. No stranger to building exceptionally strong GRP hulls, the Wildcat 53 has the same heavy duty scantlings as Safehaven's renowned pilot boats which are often subject to severe impacts in rough weather, this produces a vessel that can withstand tough use in the harsh windfarm support vessel environment.

2011 W6
2011 W4

It is also a Category 0 certified, long range offshore passenger / support vessel, complying with damage stability requirements, easily surpassed by virtue of her 8, individual watertight compartments. To facilitate this role she is fitted with long range fuel tanks of 5,000 litre combined capacity, comfortable 'aircraft style' seating for 12 passengers. 8 berths in two separate cabins and full live aboard facilities with a full 240v galley, sink and large domestic type fridge freezer. A 12kw  generator provides onboard 240v through a ring circuit with multiple outlets throughout the vessel. Removable seating benches providing external seating for 12 passengers in her aft cockpit can be fitted.



It is also fully equipped for  hydrographic survey capabilities, the vessel incorporates a moon pool through the bridge deck at the LCG, which is  fitted with a (removable) Multi beam deployment system allowing a multI-beam sonar head to be deployed to keel level, and raised up for transits. A hydrographic officers workbench with seating and worktop is fitted in the main cabin allowing for survey / research work to be undertaken in comfort.

A HIAB 026T hydraulic slewing crane is fitted at her transom, this can be used to launch her 4.5m RIB which can be stowed on her aft deck when operational roles require its use.

Lastly the vessel is capable of diver operations fitted with a dive platform and heavy duty divers ladder and aft capstan, combined with twin bow windlass / capstains facilitate vessel positioning


The Wildcat 53 is of GRP construction. GRP provides many benefits, being a homogeneous structure it is very strong, it gives a high standard of external finish with the advantage of zero maintenance, it is easily repaired and perfectly compliments Safehaven’s graceful design, resulting in a very striking vessel.

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