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WILDCAT 60 / 18m   Patrol - S.A.R. variant description


As is an 19m ‘all weather’ capable Patrol / crew transfer - S.A.R.  vessel, able to safely operate in extreme conditions of wind and wave up to Beaufort force 9 and 6m wave height’s. The design is for a crew transfer or extended duration patrol / search and rescue vessel, able to undertake both crew transfer or patrol offshore and coastal waters for extended durations, staying at sea for up to 10 days at a time, and as such provides full live aboard facilities for multiple crew. The design has an upper helm and navigation position with total seating for helmsman, navigator & 2 crew. The main cabin provides crew seating and mess facilities as well as combined passenger seating on aircraft style seats in this cabin for 12+ persons. Additional emergency survivor seating (10)  can optionally be provided in the port lower cabin which also has its own separate heads compartment. In total, the emergency survivor seating capacity is able to accommodate 35 persons.  


Crew sleeping facilities are provided in the st/bd (and optionally port) lower hull which have their own separate heads. A full galley is provided in the port f/wd cabin and a main heads / shower compartment and storage area is provided in the st/bd forward cabin. Large capacity fresh water tanks of 800 litres allow endurance. The main and upper cabin is fully air conditioned and insulated for hot climates.


The vessel is powered by twin Volvo D16 750hp engines which provide a 24.5kts maximum speed and a 21-22kts operational cruise speed. 3,500 litre fuel tanks provide a range in excess of 350nm at higher cruise speeds and over 1,000nm at displacement speeds.  A 4m RIB  can be stored on the aft deck, deployed and recovered by a hydraulic tilting ‘A’ frame via the transom gate and integral launching cradle. Twin dive platforms give access to the waterline. The cabin is ‘island’ in configuration providing sage and easy access all around the cabin. In an emergency situation the vessel can accommodate 100 passengers whilst still complying with international intact stability requirements.


Main technical features


  • All weather’ capable S.A.R. / Patrol vessel, able to safely operate in extreme conditions of wind and wave up to Beaufort force 9 and 6m wave height’s.

  • Very high levels of stability and survivability: 8 individual watertight compartments.

  • Capable of deploying and recovering a 4m RIB stored on the aft deck

  • Large spacious aft cokpit and side decks.

  • High speed capabilities up to 24kts with a 300nm+ range

  • Extended patrol capabilities with full live aboard facilities for 2-4 crew & 12 passengers

  • Total emergency survivor seating during SAR for 35 persons


Principle dimensions / charicteristics


L.O.A.                                                                    19m

Length moulded                                                  18m

Beam overall                                                       6.2m

Beam moulded                                                    6m

Draft                                                                     1.35m

Depth (top of deck to keel)                                 3.9m

Displacment lightship                                        31,000kg

Fully loaded                                                        38,000kg

Fuel capacity                                                      3,000L  

Range                                                                  350nm

Crew capacity                                                     4

Survivor capacity (seated)                                35

Total capacity                                                     39

Water capacity                                                   800L

Engines                                                               2x Volvo D16 750hp

Propellers                                                           4 bladed 30” dia

Generator                                                           2x linked 15kw

Air-conditiong                                                    70,000btu

Speed Maximum                                                24.5kts

Cruise speed (MCR)                                           21-22kts

Clasification                                                        United Kingdom MCA (Maritime Coastguard Authority) Cat 1



Crew transfer variant general arrangment

Patrol / S.A.R. general arrangment

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