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Interceptor 56 S.A.R


A high speed search & rescue / ambulance vessel based on our Interceptor 55 deep V mono hull

The superstructure is positioned aft for maximum crew comfort where they are subjected to low accelerations in rough weather and provide the vessel with a large spacious foredeck which is fitted with a large deck locker also designed to protect her 16 person liferaft from boarding seas.  Wide side decks are incorporated, protected with outboard safety railings. She also features an aft deck area, where a transom gate gives access to a large dive platform. Boarding areas at the bow,  f/wd and aft side decks (via openings in the safety railings) allow a stretcher to be bought into the main hospital area via a large watertight access door at the aft of the cabin. M.O.B. recovery is facilitated via a swing out 'A' frame fitted on the superstructures side and allows a casualty to be lifted from the water.


General description


The Interceptor 55 is a 17m S.A.R. (search and rescue vessel). Capable of operating in all weather conditions and fully proven in extreme conditions of wind and wave up to Beaufort Force 10 and 6m waves. The vessel is self-righting, capable of recovering after capsize by any large breaking wave. Powered by twin diesel engines of 750hp (heavy duty rating 1) and capable of a 27kts.  Conventional stern gear and fixed pitch propellers are used for durability. The design has a total emergency seating capacity of 43 persons comprising; 3 crew in the main cabin- helmsman, navigator and radio communications operative, all on shock mitigation seating with additional seating for 10 passengers or survivors provided here. The lower forward cabin comprises a space for casualty stretcher, 22 emergency survivors on air craft style seats and 8 survivors on bench seating.  A separate heads compartment with sea toilet and sink is provide here, as well as a separate large electrical compartment and access to the engine room through a watertight door. The accommodation is fully air conditioned. The craft has high survivability with 3 watertight bulkheads and a collision bulkhead sub dividing the hull into 5 separate compartments, capable of staying afloat after damage to any one compartment. Wide side decks and a large aft deck area and forward bow boarding area enclosed by outboard hand railings ensures  crew safety and ease of undertaking transfer of persons from a stricken vessel at sea.  Either a fixed transom platform or M.O.B unconscious casualty recovery platform able to lift a person from the water to deck level can be incorporated with an SWL of 200kg




  • All weather capabilities, up to Beaufort Force 10 and 6m wave heights


  • Self-righting capabilities, recoverable after capsize by a large breaking wave


  • 43 person emergency survivor  capacity- 3 crew + 40 survivors all seated


  • High survivability, 3 watertight bulkheads, 4 individual compartments, damage survivable should any on compartment flood.


  • M.O.B / unconscious casualty recover platform on transom with 250kg SWL


  • 25-28kts speed capability and 250nm range


  • Fully air-conditioned cabin option


  • Wide side decks and aft deck area for crew safety, enclosed by safety railings


  • Fully proven in service- 7 vessels in successful operation worldwide










































The main cabin is divided into two areas: A hospital room and a crew / helmsman operation room, these two areas are separated with an internal partition incorporating a large glass area to maintain visibility aft and accessed via an internal door. The main upper hospital room allows for a stretcher / gurney to be located to st/bd with two aircraft style seats behind, and a third with a worktable opposite, these allow for a nurse and doctor to attend to the casualty during transit. A medical supplies locker with laminated work top is fitted to port. Additional lockers for medical equipment are provided alongside the stretcher position opposite together with specialized emergency medical equipment (A.E.D & Oxygen ventilator) as well as a wash station. A fold away dentist chair can be positioned in the hospital room and is provided with a mouth wash sink and adjustable specialized dentist light, the chair can be stowed away below decks when not in uses maximizing space in the hospital room. A second emergency stretcher capable of allowing a casualty to be lifted off the vessel by air or vertical lift is space efficiently stored in the mains cabin ceiling, being incorporated into her upper hand hold railings. The hospital area is fully illuminated with 8 x L.E.D lights and 240v supply sockets positioned to port and st/bd supply AC where required.


The vessels operation room comprises a helm position to port and crew / navigators seating to st/bd, both positions fitted with CAB 500 series suspension seats. She is fitted with a very comprehensive array of navigation equipment comprising 48n/m radar,  GPS plotter and echo sounder displayed on large 16" and 12" LCD screens, 2x VHF / DSC & SSB long range radio communication, weather fax & navtext. Twin lhigh intensity searchlights augmented by deck L.E.D.'s and floodlights provide safe illumination at night. Access to the lower  midships compartment is positioned centrally, and wide enough to allow the passage of a stretcher. Steps and safety railings give access to below decks where there is a large forward cabin comprising: to st/bd is positioned a separate storage compartment room, a double berth (which can be used as a 2nd hospital bed). To port lies a dedicated electrical room, a separate heads / shower compartment, and a 'U' shaped seating area with table for 4-5 persons. A galley area is provided adjacent and fitted with a 240v hob, microwave and fridge.  A separate 'doctors room' with a berth, seating and table is positioned in a forward cabin and  is accessed via a watertight door. The design has a high level of survivability, fitted with 3 watertight b/heads  providing four separate compartments


She is fitted with twin Caterpillar C18 engines rated at 873hp (or alternative engine manufacturer as prefered) and  provides a maximum speed of 33kts, a cruise speed of 28-30kts with an economical speed of 25kts.


She is fitted with twin 24,000btu air conditioning units, a 12kw AC generator provides 230v power to the AC units and AC power throughout the vessel. She is heavily fendered equal to our pilot vessels with large 150 x 150mm main deck fender, a lower run above the waterline and multiple diagonals.

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