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Interceptor 48 Pilot


Building on our strengths, the Interceptor 48 pilot brings the very best in pilot boat design to any International port

The Interceptor 48 is our most popular model with over 20 pilot boats in operational service in 2020 since its first of class in 2009.  Pilots often have to contend with very rough sea conditions.  As a consequence a fundamental design brief in our Pilot 48 was for a pilot vessel with very high levels of sea keeping and Safehaven Marines reputation in this respect was unsurpassed by any other builder. An important factor was for the Interceptor 48 to be fully self righting in the event of capsize by virtue of her high buoyancy superstructure and consequently the vessel has been built with numerous features such as automatically closing air vents, 20-15mm thick windows and watertight cockpit doors. In addition the superstructures forward windows are aft sloping to minimise pressure loadings when taking green seas over the bow. Another advantage of the Interceptor 48 is the inclusion of a large and spacious forward cabin, this is achieved by virtue of having her engines installed further aft under the main cabin, where they are subject to less loadings and accelerations in rough seas, and are quickly removed in the unlikely event of failure through hatches incorporated in the main cabin sole and cabin roof. The forward cabin  features bunk berths allowing the pilots to rest and relax comfortably during transits at night time, and provides increased seating capacity that can be utilized in an emergency, or when additional passenger seating is required. The vessel can be fitted with a pilot boarding ladder design improving safety for pilots when boarding but causing minimum obstruction to visibility.


Safehaven Marine pilot boat 2
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Pilot boat Safehaven Marine 4
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The Interceptor 48's interior is finished to a very high standard, fully lined throughout in vinyl & sidelining carpet with black gloss or wood effect  laminates, teak and holy cabin sole or studded rubber, crafted wood trimmings produce an exceptionally luxurious environment for her pilots and crew. 6-7 reclining air suspension pilot seats with side bolsters will give a comfortable ride in rough weather. Optionally for combined crew transfer / pilotage operational roles up to 12 pilots / passengers can be seated in her main cabin.


The central helm position has been especially designed to provide the ultimate comfort and control for the helmsman, the design wraps around with all instrumentation clearly visible and all the vessel controls have been ergonomically designed for comfort and visibility. The 48 is fitted with a sophisticated, state of the art electronic navigation system.


The Interceptor 48 is typically powered by twin Volvo D13 500hp engines and twin Disc or ZF gearboxes providing the vessel with an operational speed of 25kts. The vessel is 15m LOA, with a 4.4m beam and 17,200kg Displacement.  The pilots are well catered for with the vessel featuring air conditioning with high level outlets throughout the main cabin providing a comfortable environment. Double glazing on all windows ensures good visibility is maintained at all times without the usual problems of misting in poor conditions. A very high level of fit out has been undertaken, with teak and holy cabin soles, walnut Formica laminates and trimming ensure the 48 provides a luxurious working environment, augmented by very low noise levels of just 74db. The Interceptor 48' is very heavily fendered with 150x150mm D section  polyutethene fendering bonded or traditional rubber main gunwale fendering augmented with Safehaven's unique 300x300mm  sacrificial shoulder fender system, ensuring pilot boarding's in rough conditions are soft, with impacts well cushioned and the main fender and hull structure fully protected. Multiple diagonals and a lower run further protect the vessel, Additional fendering at the rounded bow allow the vessel to be used for occasional 'pushing' duties ,to assist pilots in small ship manoeuvres. A full electronic package with displays positioned flush in a GRP 'wrap around' helm console giving the helmsman excellent command of the vessel, with all displays clearly visible, Safehaven's usual special attention was applied to providing the utmost comfort and visibility for the helmsman.


The engine room is very spacious with all service components easily accessible.


Other features are a 240v 3.5kw generator allowing onboard 240v supplies when underway. MOB recovery is carried out by a further refinement of Safehaven's tried and tested transom operated recovery platform, allowing an injured pilot to be safely recovered from the sea unconscious. Special stainless rear view mirrors were developed by Safehaven at the ports request and prove very useful during boarding maneuvers. Electro hydraulic trim flaps fully protected in recess mounded under the transom provide control over running trim.

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