Interceptor 42 Hydrographic survey / Research


Renowned worldwide, our very successful Interceptor 42  Hydrographic survey vessel , with over 35 Interceptor 42's built since 2002

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The Interceptor 42 SURVEY uses the same renowned Interceptor 42 hull, but has a different superstructure to more suit the 'HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY & RESEARCH' role that the vessel will fulfill. 

For her role in survey work she has overhead screens and rear view cameras of her aft cockpit providing her helmsman with views of her working deck. She has  heavy fendering with 150x150mm main fenders, multiple diagonals and a lower run just above the WL. She has inboard safety rail and seating for 10 passengers / operators & crew. 


Her cabin is very comfortably furnished allowing daily live aboard facilities for extended service periods with a heads compartment, galley and dinette seating and will provide comfortable accommodation for her crew. For survey work she is fitted with a dedicated survey bench which is fitted with the necessary electronic survey equipment to allow her to carry out hydrographic work. Her aft cockpit is large and spacious allowing the transfer of equipment when necessary and can be fitted with a HIAB crane and 'A' frame on the transom for deploying survey gear, the aft cockpit provides a large working area safely contained within secure bulwarks and railings.


Typically  powered by twin Volvo D12 engines at 450hp providing an operational speed of 25kts on a displacement of 15,000kg.




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