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Interceptor 55 Patrol


Comfort & prestige, our larger and very successful Interceptor 55 PATROL vessel combines luxurious accommodation, a high passenger capacity, strength and tremendous sea keeping abilities with 4 vessels supplied to Ports worldwide

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'Our Patrol versions are typically used as a patrol boats and also as pilot boats As one of their primary roles is providing 24hr cover on patrol they are equipped with full live aboard 'hotel facilities' and are fitted out to a very high standard, featuring  an 24,000btu air conditioning unit, a 6.5kw 1500rpm generator providing 240v throughout the vessel, full galley facilities with a 240v electric hob, microwave, hot and cold water. One of the advantages of the Interceptor design which has the engines mounted just aft of the LCG is the spacious forward accommodation area providing twin bunk berths, a large seating area and table, full galley with an abundance of locker storage. A midships cabin provides 10  individual  full height crew lockers. Her main cabin features a GRP helm moulding designed to encompass the helmsman with all navigational equipment, engine controls and instrumentation  easily visible and falling quickly to hand providing a focused driving environment.

Behind the helm is a second larger dedicated navigation position with a large work top, angled instrument console and storage lockers allowing the navigator to monitor ship movements with a full paper chart assisting navigation throughout  busy waters. Opposite are two pilot seats for when the vessel is operating in pilotage duties. At the aft of the cabin she features a VIP area with a large, circular seating area with a table between to port and a second large 'L' shaped settee to st/bd, allowing comfortable seating if she is used to carry dignitaries. The cabin is been finished correspondingly to a high standard to provide a high class ambiance throughout.


Typically the version is powered by Scania D16 engines through Twin Disc V drive 'Quick Shift' gearboxes. The engines are rated at 650hp and give her  a 25kt max speed at her 27,000kg fully loaded displacment.  Engine removal is facilitated via an large opening hatch on the aft deck and will allow the engines to be lifted straight out of the craft.


The Patrol version has a flush  aft deck area which provides a seating area. Often one of the vessels roles will be the removal of floating flotsam such as trees, pallets and other debris that often finds its way into the channel and becomes a hazard for boat users. To facilitate this the Patrol version is fitted with a large stainless steel basket, hydraulically operated that can be lowered down 400mm below the surface to recover flotsam.


Her hull design is a twin chine deep V, with a full  length keel, this gives her a soft ride into head seas, tremendous stability running beam on in big seas with little rolling and great directional stability downwind. All Southampton's crews have been delighted with her sistership 'Spitfire's' handling and have praised her seakeeping abilities Safehaven marine have supplied pilot boats to ports throughout Europe, their vessels have gained a deserved reputation for excellent sea keeping and tremendous strength.


The Interceptor 55 is fully customizable in its configuration, the deck and superstructure moulding is modular in design, and this allows the superstructure to be positioned aft, for pilot boat vessels where a aft passenger seating area provides the lowest accelerations in rough seas and maximum crew comfort. In the 'Patrol' version, as in the Southampton pilot vessels a more central cabin position is preferable allowing an aft cockpit area, in this version the engines run on 'V' drives and allows them to be removed from an aft deck hatch, it also provides either a seating area or a deck cargo area for crew transfers. The design is full customizable in its internal seating and living arrangement.


From an operational perspective, a centrally positioned helm position provides her coxswain with clear uninterrupted vision equally to port and st/bd, large side and overhead windows, all double glazed to prevent misting assist visibility when alongside ships. Her helm position has been especially designed to provide a focused and ergonomically efficient operators environment, which allows the coxswain to take full advantage of the Interceptors fine responsive handling.


One of the main advantages of Safehaven’s design is the huge forward accommodation area allowed by placing the engines centrally under the wheelhouse. Forward there is sleeping accommodation afforded by traditional V berths combined with large bunk berths. A comfortable seating area along side the large galley area, a full size heads compartment with sink, grey waste management with holding tanks. Large wet lockers and under deck storage enhance her functionality and provides a very comfortable crew environment.


Our modular GRP mould allows different wheelhouse configurations, below are two Interceptor 55 pilot / patrol versions with a more central wheelhouse configuration, allowing an aft work deck.


The Interceptor 55 is typically powered by Scanias D16 V8 engines rated at 650hp running through twin disc 5135 quick shift gearboxes, with sterngear comprising 63mm F51 Duplex shafts turning 28” 4 blade props supplied by Clements Engineering.  She has an operational speed of 25kts on a 24,500kg displacement. The vessel has exceptionally low noise levels, with readings recorded in the wheelhouse of only 76db at 25kts, such noise levels were previously the realm of expensive and complicated isolated wheelhouse, but Safehaven have paid special attention to the engine rooms soundproofing, the result being the crew and pilots have a relaxed, quiet and vibration free working environment.

Any other manufacturer's engines can be specified- Yanmar, Volvo, Caterpillar, MAN & MTU


Her MOB recovery system is hydraulically operated, and can be used in addition to MOB recovery, lifting floating objects from the water. The platform extends down 400mm below the waterline.


Engine removal is easily facilitated through large hatches in the cabin sole and the roof. All internal furniture over this section is of GRP modules, quickly and easily removed.


Big 150x150mm transverse frames at 500mm spacing's combined with a 10,000gm2 bottom laminate and a 8,000gm2 side laminate at the boarding area gives her tremendous strength. The hull has been built under survey and to full Lloyds plan approval for her hull construction.


Other features are a 240v 3.5kw generator allowing onboard 240v supplies when underway. MOB recovery is carried out by a further refinement of Safehaven's tried and tested transom operated recovery platform, allowing an injured pilot to be safely recovered from the sea unconscious. Special stainless rear view mirrors were developed by Safehaven at the ports request and prove very useful during boarding maneuvers. Electro hydraulic trim flaps fully protected in recess mounded under the transom provide control over running trim.

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