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BARRACUDA 13m version

Barracuda can be supplied in a 13m version. A choice of customer specified weapons systems is offered, either a RC gyro-stabilised machine gun or a motorised turret manned system in the forward cabin, with the latter Barracuda II is capable of carrying up to 16 crew and combatants. A range of non lethal weapons including a RC water canon and Hyperspike sonic disruptor can be incorporated.The larger aft deck allows launch and recovery of UAV’s and allows additional pedestal mounted weapons to be deployed on the aft deck. Dive operations are enabled via a transom dive platform. Propulsion can be by conventional sternger or waterjets for maximum speeds of 35-45kts. Ballistic glass and lightweight kevlar panels provide ballistic protection to BR6 (7.62mm projectile)

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The internal arrangement and weapon fit for the Barracuda can be modular. Three different configurations are possible for the arrangement of the forward accommodation and weapon fit within a single vessel platform. Modules can be interchangeable between the three different options, with the choice being determined by the mission requirements: Assault / patrol, Module 1.  Remove control gyroscopically stabilized machine gun in its sealed  deployment compartment. Assault / Troop deployment, Module 2.  Motorized gun turret and manned machine gun operated via watertight hatch and an 8 combatant seating module. Patrol  / S.A.R. Module 3.  Incorporates a sealed cabin roof section and 8 combatant seating modules.


This modular arrangements greatly increases the operational capability of Barracuda as it allows the vessel to be quickly configured for differing missions and in effect become three boats in one.



  • Offshore &  S.A.R. capable due to high survivability & excellent  seakeeping abilities


  • ‘Stealth’ enabled, very low RCS from bow on allowing covert surveillance / interception operation.


  • High speed capabilities- 35-45kts.


  • Troop transport capable- 2 crew and up to 14 combatant capacity (16 in total all seated on shock mitigation suspension seats)


  • Ballistic protection to main crew compartment to BR6 with lightweight Kevlar panels and ballistic glass.


  • Concealed lethal weapons:  main weapon – motorised turret operated  7.62mm machine gun.


  • Aft cockpit machine gun pedestal mounts.


  • FRP composite construction carbon fibre reinforcement.

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