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11-13m Littoral / riverine version

Design overview


The Barracuda Littoral / Riverine version is for a high speed assault and troop transport craft capable of transporting up to 16 combatants, all positioned on shock mitigation seating. Waterjet propulsion and a shallow draft of .75m allows riverine and inland waterway operations as well as inshore coastal waters. Two types of main weapon can be incorporated, either a remote controlled gyroscopically stabilised 12.7mm machine gun / 40mm grenade launcher externaly mounted to the cabin roof, or a motorised turret 7.62 maned machine gun (Shown) operated through a watertight hatch incorporated in the main cabin roof, the gun swings down and is stored internally in the upper section of the roof when not in use and operated from a platform inside the cabin. Removable gun mount pedestals are positioned on the aft deck and allow the mounting of additional fire power from 12.7mm, 7.62mm machine guns or Min Gun. Lightweight ballistic protection can optionally be incorporated. A troop disembarkation ramp is integrated into the hinged bow section and forward cockpit, this enables the boat to be beached to allow troops disembarkation under supresion fire cover delivered by the motorised gun turret. The design is based upon Barracuda incorporating a modification to the foredeck to incorporate the disembarkation ramp. The cabin roofs upper section is lowered to incorporate the mounting of the main weapon machine gun. Depending on specification a maximum speed of 40kts is available.

Main technical design features


  • High speed hull (40kts)capable of reverie / inshore coastal operations 


  • Low draft (.75m) for shallow water utilising waterjet propulsion


  • Light ballistic protection to front of crew compartment


  • Capable of transporting 16 combatants, 8 in main cabin and 8 in forward cabin


  • Motorised watertight gun turret aft on main cabin roof incorporating folding gun mount for 7.62 machine gun


  • 2x additional 7.62mm removable machine gun pedestals on aft deck


  • Diver deployment / recovery access platform and ladder integrated into transom


  • Capable of beaching, Kevlar reinforced stem and hinged bow with integral combatant deployment ramp incorporated allowing disembarkation from bow to beach

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