Safehaven Marine are designers and builders of FRP Pilot boats, Patrol boats, Crew transfer vessels, Hydrographic survey catamarans, Naval & Military craft and unique custom private motor yachts. All our vessels are built to the highest standards of strength & engineering and are renowned world wide for their exceptional sea-keeping abilities, we set a new World long range speed record in 2017 with our own vessel and crew. Established in 1996 we have built over 138 vessels supplied to 27 countries worldwide with over 40 pilot vessels in operation globally, and have become leaders in our field.

Based in Youghal, Co Cork Ireland.


Safehaven manufacture their vessels from two modern factories, with all design work carried out in house, and built with our own experienced team of engineers, carpenters, electricians, shipwrights and laminators.


Always at the forefront of new technology and designs we continuously develop our range and push the frontiers of design: In 2020 we aim to set a UIM Transatlantic World record with our unique (patent applied for) new 22m high speed vessel XSV20



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September 19, 2019

Safehaven Marine have delivered their second XSV20, aptly named ‘Safehaven’ commissioned by and built for Jack Setton. Jack is very well known in the Superyacht World previously being the original owner of among others the 194ft expedition superyacht ‘Senses’ and was intimately involved with her design and specification during her construction. XSV20  has an innovative and unique hybrid hull design seamlessly fusing an asymmetrical catamaran with a wave piercing mono hull combining the stability of a catamaran wi...

April 30, 2019

Safehaven Marine successfully launched their first of class 22m XSV20 demonstrator ‘Thunder Child II’ in mid-February this year. XSV20 features an extremely innovative hull design fusing an asymmetrical catamaran with a wave-piercing mono hull to produce a hull that combines the excellent dynamic and transverse stability of a catamaran with the head sea capabilities of a deep V monohull, providing the best of both worlds. ‘Thunder Child II was tested extensively during the last two months and proved to have excel...

March 21, 2019

Safehaven Marine have launched a new Wildcat 40 survey vessel for Board Iscaigh Mhara, Ireland, developing the Irish Seafood industry. The T. Burke II’ is 12m LOA high bow buoyancy symmetrical hulled catamaran with a 4.6m beam and a 14,200kg displacement. Powered by a pair of Barrus UK supplied Yanmar 450hp diesel engines she has a 26kts max speed and an 18kts operational speed. She will be used for coastal surveying around Irish waters. Fitted with a HIAB crane, hydraulic tilting ‘A’ frame and deck winch for dep...

January 27, 2019

Safehaven Marine have launched a new Interceptor 48 Pilot boat for the Portugease Port of Leixoes. ‘Lada’ will be the 39th Pilot vessel Safehaven have supplied to Ports Worldwide. Their 48 version has proved to be a very successful design, ‘Lada' being the 14th built since the first of class was delivered in 2010, and with four more on the order book it continues to be very popular, especially for Ports such as Leixoes, which is exposed to the Atlantic sea and experience’s large waves in Wintertime. As such excel...

September 1, 2018

Here’s a preview of the latest model due to join our extensive range of commercial and naval craft: ‘XSV20’. The design is a high speed patrol  vessel with a LOA of 23m (75ft). The hull design is extremely innovative (Patent applied for) and seamlessly fuses a twin stepped asymmetrical catamaran hull form with a wave piercing monohull, to create a hybrid design that delivers the dynamic transverse stability of a catamaran, with the steep head sea capabilities of a deep V monohull. The hull is now completed follow...

August 26, 2018

Safehaven Marine have launched an Interceptor 48 pilot vessel ‘Juliet’ for the Malta Maritime Pilots, ‘Juliet’ is the 3rd pilot vessel supplied to Malta, the first of which being supplied in 2008 and during the intervening years Safehaven have become good friends with the pilots and operator at Malta developing a great relationship. ‘Juliet’ represents Safehaven’s 35th pilot vessel to enter service in Ports worldwide, a fine testimony to the reputation Safehaven have established for themselves in this specialized...